Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Day Dreaming
I was sat in english dreaming about you,dreaming that you would hold me close,never let me go and whisper "i love you" in my friend woke me from my day dream,and she said to me "would you rather,stay here forever,never grow up,re-live all the bad times and stay with chris forever or grow up,live a happy life,have all the money in the world,be really successful but never see chris again?" i looked up at my friend,i smiled and said "stay with chris,i wouldn't need to grow up and the bad times wouldn't be so bad.without him, i'd be wishing i was young,'happy' wouldn't be a word i knew,money just a bit of paper,success just another word,without chris i wouldn't have life,as chris is my world" i looked at my hand,at the heart i drew i looked at my friend.i smiled.i whispered "it's true!" i wish,i wish,i wish she knew,but she hasn't looked into the eyes,light blue.if only she knew how much i really do,love you xx 

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